Creating a Vision for the Life You Want to Live with Renee Stith

Creating a vision for the life you want to live… Where do you even start!?

Each week within The Confident Woman Impact Accelerator we’re joined by experts to talk us through a new aspect of unveiling our dream life.

In the program, we are joined by direct sales expert, speaker, and mindset coach, Renee Stith, to share her thoughts on Creating a Vision for the Life You Want to Live.

Here are her thoughts:

What is the importance of creating a clear and compelling vision for your life?

A clear and compelling vision is the lens from which you do EVERYTHING in your life. It needs to be revisited and tweaked for every season and transition in life.

Think of a clear and compelling vision as perfectly prescribed lenses in a pair of glasses: you see perfectly clear what is in front of you.  

If the lenses get mucked up with dirt and fingerprint smudges, you clean them off. There are always obstacles to overcome in pursuing a vision for your life, just like there will often be dirt on your glasses.

But when you simply can’t see well through the lenses of your glasses it might be a sign that your eyes have changed and you need a new prescription. Same with your life.

Feeling feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed by the day-to-day are all symptoms that the lens of your vision of your life needs to be recalibrated.

What are some common obstacles that prevent people from developing a clear vision for their life, and how can they overcome them?

Creating a vision takes an investment of time and energy that busy people tend to think they don’t have. But I would argue that it’s easier to slow down to speed up than waste precious time, energy, and money throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Knowing what you want, why you want it, who it affects and what will it feel like to get there are key questions my clients ask themselves to start down the road of developing their vision.

I recommend creating time + space to journal the answers. Vision takes self-reflection + exploration and writing these thoughts down help tell a story that can be pieced together later

Can you provide a personal experience or share some success stories of individuals who have created a vision for their life and achieved their goals?

I was stuck in my business for a long time. I knew I was capable of more, but I wasn’t moving the needle. I wasn’t fulfilled. I was bored.

I hated goals. I couldn’t dream. It was miserable. I felt broken.

But what I realized is that nothing was wrong with me.

Turns out I was simply trying to live with a vision that had expired.

My vision had shifted but I didn’t realize it – the prescription in my lenses changed but had no idea. I had been working for a flexible work-from-home business so I could be a more present mom. I set myself up to never have to go back to Corporate America. I was working a career on my terms.

I was stuck because I needed to recast my vision. I needed a new prescription for my lenses.

So I slowed down to speed up. I took time to journal through my dreams, what I wanted, and why I wanted it. I defined who it would impact. I envisioned how it would feel to get there.

It took a lot of time and emotional energy, but with the help of a coach, I discovered a new vision.

And I discovered a new vision that serves this version of me – to help ambitious women get what they wanted in life.

I’m not stuck; I’m thriving. I’m light, energetic, empowered + confident. That’s what it feels like to have the vision for the right season.

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Renee Stith is passionate about helping ambitious women make a change for a peaceful life. As an instructional designer, trainer, writer, mindset coach, speaker, and direct sales expert, Renee leads women entrepreneurs to purpose and start to dream again. She is known for her ability to help women entrepreneurs get unstuck by giving them tools and information that helps them achieve more success faster than they ever imagined possible! Connect with Renee on Instagram.