About ...Rachel Brooks

The Founder Who Am I?

Hi there! I am Rachel Brooks, a fitness and lifestyle enthusiast, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, founder, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mama to three beautiful (fur) baby girls! My passion for fitness, nutrition, and health began with my journey toward becoming a happier, healthier, and better version of myself. I couldn’t be more grateful for how far it has taken me, both personally and professionally, and now I get to give back and empower others to do the same.


Where I came from

From body dysmorphia to award-winning author.

After a lifetime of chasing perfection and living in extremes, from body dysmorphia and self-esteem issues, my quest for "perfection" backfired after experiencing major setbacks and a severe injury that shattered my world, leading me to question my identity, purpose, and worth. I then embarked on a path of self-discovery, which was all the more difficult due to the lack of support, community, tools and resources which would have helped me on my journey. Recognizing a universal need, I aspired to help women to create their own story and become their most confident selves. This life-changing journey is the inspiration for my Award-winning book: Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love.

Where I am now

Today, I Am… an Author, Podcaster, Founder and Entrepreneur.

I believe in the power of “I Am…”. The interrelated facets of the brand began with the events that shaped my book. Since then, I began developing a comprehensive woman-centric ecosystem that is supported with courses and programs, tools, resources, events, books/journals, apparel, an award-winning podcast and an inclusive community. Our goal is to support each woman’s ongoing progression of personal growth and journey of self-discovery towards lovingly accepting themselves just as they are–enough–perfectly imperfect.

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Where I am going

Tomorrow is all about dreaming big.

I have big dreams for the future. I want to continue to expand my mission of helping women transform their lives through education, inspiration, empowerment and community. Just like the like-minded women around us, we strive to improve and grow. Currently, we are in the process of creating an innovative retail concept that melds a shared boutique environment with collaborative podcasting and workspace studios, event hosting, and community outreach. In addition, we plan to establish a non-profit foundation with the mission to promote and assist women through scholarships and small-business assistance to help make their dreams a reality too.

In my award-winning book,

Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love, I share my story, one of loss, love, and letting go. When we let go of who we should be, we’re able to reclaim our power and step into who we’re created to be—The Confident Woman.


Consistency compounded over
time yields results.

- Rachel Brooks

My philosophies

You have the power to create your own story.

It’s up to you to choose the outcome of your life. Everything comes down to the choices we make. What we choose will determine our destination. We have the power to choose truth over lies, love over hate, confidence over doubt, faith over fear, and courage over comfort.

These choices require courage to step up, be bold, be brave, and own who you are. If you desire more, you must change what you’re currently doing. It means loving and accepting yourself. It means getting to the root of who you are and healing the wounds that hurt the most. It means letting go of what no longer serves you. It means no more shame, no more guilt, no more baggage. It means forgiving and setting yourself free.

You deserve more. I believe you were created to shine; you have to believe, though, or it will have no impact on your life. You must love yourself and know you’re worth it. The key to unlocking your destiny is found in the power of your choices.

Love yourself, you are worth it!


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