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Hey there! I am Rachel Brooks, an award-winning author, podcast host, entrepreneur, and founder of The Confident Woman, a lifestyle and digital media brand dedicated to empowering women to create lasting change from within. 

The Confident Woman Collective is to provide women with a supportive community, valuable tools and resources, as well as events and workshops. We take a holistic approach to help women become their best and most confident selves in every aspect of their lives—personally, professionally, and in their relationships.

Whether you want to improve your overall health and well-being, build stronger relationships, step into your calling, and pursue your purpose, The Confident Woman is here to support you every step of the way, empowering you to create a life you love and make a positive impact.

Join our community today and begin your journey to becoming The Confident Woman you were meant to be!

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About our founder

Rachel Brooks

Rachel is the Founder and CEO of I Am Athletics, Host of The Confident Woman Podcast, and the published Author of the 4x-Winning Book, Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love.

Rachel’s no-nonsense and holistic approach empowers women through digital courses and programs, easy-to-digest tools and resources, and a robust, inspiring community. In addition, she developed an athleisure wear line called I Am Athletics.



Rachel Brooks
Fit From Within


Fit From Within

The Fit From Within course is based on Rachel’s four key pillar philosophy of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness, health, and wellbeing.


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Chasing Perfection Book

Chasing Perfection reveals the life-changing steps fitness and lifestyle expert Rachel Brooks took to overcome depression, negative body image, and eating disorders, to break free of the past, and start living a fulfilling purpose-driven life.


The Confident Woman is a woman-centric ecosystem and lifestyle brand that embodies our mission to connect, learn and grow together in business and life. We aim to inspire, encourage and empower women through community, courses and programs, books and journals, luxury athleisure wear, and more!

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The Community

The Confident Woman Community is a place to connect with like-minded women worldwide who inspire, support, and empower each other on their journey to becoming their best and most confident selves. You are not meant to do life alone. Join us!

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Welcome to The Confident Woman Podcast! We’re here to keep it real, raw and what it means to be The Confident Woman.

COLUMBUS PODCAST AWARDS Best Society & Culture Podcast

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I Am Athletics is an athleisurewear brand that empowers and reflects the ideals of The Confident Woman. Intentionally designed with you in mind to support an active and freedom-based lifestyle and to empower you to be who you’re created to be.

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