E259: Redefining Self: A Conversational Deep Dive into Personal Growth and Change

In the episode, Rachel Brooks and certified life coach Corinne Guido-Powell unravel the process of personal rediscovery and change, emphasizing the importance of acceptance, compassion, and self-care throughout the journey. Together, they stress the significance of acknowledging feelings, battle with insecurity, fear, and doubt, and re-evaluating personal priorities for better mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They also discuss authenticity in branding, proposing that sharing all facets of oneself creates a more relatable connection to one’s audience or community. As key takeaways, they encourage listeners to give themselves permission to just be, to cherish their time, and to integrate mindfulness into their lives. 00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction 00:55 Redefining Oneself: A Deep Dive 02:44 The Power of Acceptance and Grief 03:49 The Human Experience: Struggles and Healing 06:04 Compassion Towards Our Past Selves 08:03 The Impact of Social Media on Perception 14:46 The Importance of Mindfulness and Self-Care 22:47 The Journey of Self-Exploration and Discovery 30:04 Conclusion: The Journey Back to You Stay tuned for more inspiring and encouraging episodes to empower you to show up authentically and live more confidently. Don’t forget to share, subscribe, and leave us a review. ♡ Connect with Corinne Guido-Powell: Community: Connect with Rachel: Website: https://www.iamrachelbrooks.com Book: Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love Social Media: Instagram LinkedIn