Going Through Changes


Something’s changed in you.

Yes. I have changed.

As we go through life, we change, we grow, we adapt, and we evolve. We as humans go through periods of expansion and growth. From extroversion to introversion, social butterfly to recluse and hide. The ebbs and flow of life. We all, unless you are not a human, go through these changes.

This year, and it’s only been 6 months, I have changed, immensely. Some on my terms and some were beyond my control, both forcing me to change and adapt. Perseverance and growth have strengthened my character, giving me hope, forcing me to create new values and beliefs.

I’ve been faced with adversity my whole life, but the one thing I know for sure is, I will survive and thrive. The ‘doing,’ provides opportunities to provide endurance, strengthen our character and provides confidence of hope as we heal, forgive and let go, for self and others.

Harboring feelings that don’t serve you, don’t do anything for the situation but keep you stuck and missing the lesson and blessing. When we learn to forgive and let go, we create space for the healing work to begin, to move on from the past, appreciate the present, and embrace the future with uncertainty.

One of life’s greatest lessons is that of loss. When we lose someone or something, we tend to focus on the “Me,” “what was done to me” instead of “what was done for me.”

I’ve had my shares of losses and the ones that hurt and cause the most pain and suffering are relationships, those of loved ones, friends, pets and this year, I experienced the loss of all three. We can get caught up in the “me” that we forget to see the silver lining in the loss – the gain.

With every opposition, there is a chance to surrender and accept love. We must surrender to the pain and suffering to make room for love to enter our broken hearts. Loss takes time, but so does the healing. This is not the end, there is always a purpose in the pain.

Gains are hard to recognize and appreciate through broken hearts and tearful eyes, but what we choose to focus on, will either keep us in mourning or allow us to heal. We must be persistent and resilient as we seek the joy in life and celebrate these moments.

Be grateful for the person or thing that you’ve lost, they were a gift and a catalyst to strengthen your being, your purpose.