Fit From Within: 60 Days to Finding Freedom


Fit From Within: 60 Days to Finding Freedom

For the bulk of my life, I have always felt so different on the inside than what I saw on the outside. I had struggled with body dysmorphia, eating disorders and lack of self-worth for years, but finally, I turned to fitness to help.

I learned to turn my struggles into strengths and looked inward to find healing, peace, and happiness. I changed the way I was thinking with meditation, fueled my body with the exact needs it requires (and what makes me happy!) and created a fitness routine to help get me where I wanted to go.

I am living my journey every day, and now I want to help you through yours!

That’s why I have created this journal, Fit From Within: 60 – Days to Finding Freedom.

This journal will walk you through some daily prompts to help you take an honest look at your goals, and what you do each day to reach those goals. 

Losing weight is about turning a healthy lifestyle into your default. That starts with awareness, accountability, and affirmation. 

If you are ready to start seeing some real results – this easy to use journal will help you get there faster. 

On these pages, you’ll find insight and guidance to help you stay the course, track your progress, and start seeing the results trickle in!

Download your copy here!

This is what I use to stay motivated and on top of my own training, my own thoughts, and my own progress. 

If you are ready to start seeing some real results that start on the INSIDE and work their way out – then grab this journal, download it, print it out, and get started today!

You can’t manage what you don’t track – so let’s begin! 

The journal includes:

  • How to calculate macros
  • Flexible dieting resources
  • Goal setting pages
  • Suggested food and shopping list
  • Weekly goals and intentions sheet
  • Daily checklists for 60 days
  • Daily recap pages for 60 days
  • Weekly recap pages for 8 weeks

PSA: There is no right or wrong way to complete this journal. You are a unique individual and therefore your daily entries will be unique to YOU. Your goal is to do your best, strive for progress, not “perfection,” and allow yourself to enjoy the process.

Ready to take on the next 60 days together?

Download your copy here to get started! Whatcha’ waiting for?