Developing a Growth Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Erin Tennant

The Confident Woman Impact Accelerator is a program dedicated to empowering women to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on others. Through a virtual membership featuring live, weekly masterminds with industry thought leaders and weekly prompts with a guided workbook, you will emerge from the 8-week program and become the confident woman you were created to be.

In our first week into the program, we are joined by powerhouse and owner of Grow Well Coaching, Erin Tennant, to share her thoughts on Developing a Growth Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

Here are her thoughts:

What are some common limiting beliefs that women tend to have, and how do they affect their personal and professional lives?

Common limiting beliefs:

“I am not good enough” or “ What I am doing it not good enough”

“I should be doing more or something else”

“I have to” or “I need to”

“I don’t deserve….”

“I can’t do it” or  “ I don’t know how or what I am doing”

“I am suppose to do it all”

There are a lot of limiting beliefs around trusting ourselves, others, and the world around us. Can be formed and shaped based on childhood experiences and traumas. 

Limiting belief can act as a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from perceived or past pain. 

Limiting beliefs can create negative emotions like anxiety, procrastination, and imposter syndrome. 

How can women identify and challenge their limiting beliefs, especially when they are deeply ingrained?

  • Figure out what your limiting beliefs are and where they are showing up in your life.
    • What makes you anxious?
    • What are you currently procrastinating on? 
    • Where do you notice in your personal or professional life that you are experiencing resistance ( negative emotions, doubt, fear, mind drama, or negative self talk)
  • Then get curious about your limiting beliefs.
    • What if I am wrong?
    • What would it look like if you were wrong ( if you could do it, or if you didn’t have to do it)?
    • What would it take for you to be wrong?
  • Explore how your limiting beliefs are serving you. 
    • How are these beliefs serving me?
    • In what ways do these beliefs protect me from struggle or failure?
    • Is holding onto this belief worth it? 
    • How would letting go of this belief change my life?

What are some strategies to develop positive self-talk, and how does it influence women’s mindset and belief system?

What I suggest is first seeing the negative self-talk, then exploring the opposite, the positive self-talk. If positive self-talk doesn’t land, how can we at least make the self-talk neutral? I recommend separating the facts from the feelings to neutralize negative thoughts. 

What are some practical tips and exercises that women can use to develop a growth mindset and overcome their limiting beliefs?

Self-awareness is HUGE. Find your practice where you can go inwards and observe your thoughts and feelings. Some people meditate, and some people like to do this motion like walking or working out. Definitely, breathwork is very useful and helpful in quieting our minds and regulating our nervous systems. 

 Some people like to journal their thoughts. All are great options and I would recommend following whatever speaks to you. 

Some people like to do intention thought creation, where you can find an alternative thought that you actually believe and feels better to you than the limiting one. Others may want to lean into affirmations. 

I always recommend hiring a coach, counselor or therapist depending on where you are on the spectrum of mental health and having a trained professional help you build the necessary skill sets to cultivate a growth mindset. 

How can women stay motivated and focused on their goals, even when they encounter obstacles or distractions along the way?

Look at life, or any growth opportunity as a MARATHON, not a sprint. This work never stops. This is the only chance we have in this life, so why not do it your way on your terms to get the results you want? 

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Erin Tennant is the owner of Grow Well Coaching. She is a certified health and well-being coach and consultant who works with busy professionals looking to improve their personal wellness to grow and live better. Erin’s collaborative and growth-supporting relationship facilitates change when change is hard. She uses my personal story of losing 130 lbs without dieting as inspiration and shows that radical transformation is possible for her clients. Erin specializes in weight loss for wellness by improving self-concept & body image, creating rewarding behaviors and habits, managing stress, and cultivating a growth mindset via 1:1 coaching, facilitating group calls, and leading small businesses and corporations workshops. For more, visit