A Reflection Of Time


Looking back at 2018 with a full heart. I am so grateful and blessed. ⁣

Another year of learning and growing. ⁣
But life wouldn’t be life without the highs and lows, the ebbs and flows, that’s the of beauty it all!⁣

⬆️Became a Fitness & Lifestyle Coach⁣
⬇️Lost our dog, Rudy⁣
⬆️Got Baptized⁣
⬇️Experienced family health scares⁣
⬆️Became a contributor writer for Thrive Global⁣
⬆️Won my first bikini fitness competition⁣
⬇️Lost my cat, William Drake – my best friend!⁣
⬆️Experienced the loss of friends & relationships⁣
⬆️Traveled with family and friends – California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Canada, France, Italy⁣
⬆️Guest Speaker at Motion Picture Television Fun⁣
⬇️Nearly lost my mother (again)⁣
⬆️Became a contributor writer for Huffington Post⁣
⬆️Featured in the I Am Bold. I Rise Campaign – empowering women⁣
⬆️Guest Speaker on Podcasts⁣
⬇️Experienced the loss of loved ones⁣
⬆️Finished my memoir – my most accomplished piece, a labor of love ❤️

All too often we focus on what has happened to us – the downs, and negatives of life that we fail to see the positives, wins, gains, and successes of how life is actually happening for us – preparing us for our greater purpose.⁣

Given my life, past struggles and experiences, all of which are in my book, I could easily choose to focus on the lifetime of negatives, losses, and pain and chalk it up, saying life sucks and continue living a miserable existence…⁣

Or, I choose to be grateful for it all, which I am. ⁣

Even in the darkest of times, we must trust and know that our mess is our message and our pain is our purpose.⁣

My biggest takeaway this year is to continue growing personally, professionally, and spiritually while finding “self” along the way. The journey of self-discovery is never-ending. ⁣

Life is absolutely beautiful! ⁣

Through it all, I’ve learned to be patient, persistent, and trust in the Lord for he has a plan and purpose – my purpose.

2019, I’m so ready for everything you have in store for me. I am prepared and welcoming you with the fullest heart!