The Power of Our Story: Kicking Fear in Its Ugly Face


It’s time to kick fear in the face.

You know that story we keep telling ourselves? You know, the one that’s on repeat, our go-to-story? Yep, that one. Do you ever wonder why you can’t turn it off, why it keeps replaying?
There has to be a reason why ‘this’’ story matters.
Let’s try to take a closer look and see what the underlying meaning is. Why ‘this’’ story?

  • What is the meaning of this story?
  • What lessons have I learned, or should I be learning?
  • Is my story a story of caution or inspiration?
  • What can I do to help others?
  • How can my story impact others?
  • What emotional attachment do I have to this story?
  • How can I heal or move through this story?
  • How can my story be used to help others who may have a similar story?

When we stop to think and look outside ourselves, our stories become less of a burden and have a greater meaning. Asking ourselves, “Why did this happen for me,” rather than “Why did this happen to me” we’re able to see our stories from a place of purpose rather than pain.

Our stories become more clear and we’re able to see our stories as an instrument for service. 

Kicking Fear in Its Ugly Face

Do you ever feel fear creep in — lies, shame, guilt — when writing about your past and sharing your story? That’s fear. It’s ugly. It’s a liar. It will crush you unless you crush it first. 

We all have those negative voices in our heads, the inner critic, who is quick to judge and mock you for even thinking you and your story matter. That voice, the one who calls you out, keeps us small and holds us back from living our truth, well that voice afraid. That is the voice of fear, and fear is a liar.

You were born with and on purpose, and anything or anyone that tries to diminish your worth is not your friend, they are an enemy.

They tell us that our story doesn’t matter, we’re not good enough, that we should hide in the darkness of shame and feel guilty for thinking we had something to offer, and we shouldn’t share who we are with the world because we don’t matter.  

And you might *actually* believe this fear-mongering liar. 

You may be asking yourself, What? Who me? My story? Who am I? My story isn’t even that good/bad/exciting/impressive/etc. — to you — because you’ve lived it. To others, it may be exactly what they need to hear. You never know someone’s, and for every story, there’s a back story. 

By holding on to your story, your truth, you’re subsequently doing a disservice to others who need to hear yours.

You can then reframe into speaking positive words of encouragement; can, must, will, do. 

  • Who me? → Why not you?
      • My story? → That’s why you have it – take that story and tell the world!
  • Who am I?→ If not you, then whom?

That same voice can also ask and answer the same questions, this time, from a place of love and worth, kicking fear in the face. Any time we find ourselves speaking words that hold us back (can’t, mustn’t won’t, doesn’t, don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t) these are negatives — No and Not. 

Our words have power. Your story has power.
Your story is a string of words that will create and share a powerful message. 

You matter. Your story matters.  Kick fear in the face.
And it is your personal responsibility to share it.

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