Called to Create. When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You.

Called to Create. When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You.

My heart is so full!

After this weekend’s back to back events, it’s (still) hard to put into words all the feels, but I’m going to try my best in-between tears of gratitude.

Three ago, I created I am Athletics I had no clue what I was doing or where to start, I just “knew” I had to do it. This vision was too bright; it consumed me. It was more than a passion. It was my purpose.

I am Athletics isn’t just a brand with some super awesome stuff (which it does). It’s way more that!

It’s a brand with a powerful message and mission, to inspire, encourage, and empower you to create your own story.

Two ago, after fully stepping into my purpose and uncovering my own identity by asking myself, Who am I? What’s holding me back? Why? I began writing my story; Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love.

At first, I started showing up for myself and then for others. It was tough (at first) because I had a ton of walls to break down and masks to tear off, but the more I showed up, the easier it got and the freer I became. It allowed for deeper and more meaningful connections with self and others. I, like many women, struggled with finding their way, fitting in and in doing so, got lost along the way. Throughout my journey, in opening up and sharing, I saw I wasn’t alone. Connection is hard. Belonging is hard. We tend to play it safe and do what’s easy – fitting in.

One year ago, I wanted to take this even further. I wanted to create a place to talk (candidly) about real life, real stories, and real issues that I and others go through. To give women a safe space to know they too are not alone. I wanted to create a community where women show up, no matter what. Where women aren’t afraid to speak out, share their successes, wins, failures, disappointments, or anything they are going through. I wanted a place where women get to be just that – women – no expectations, no walls, no masks just free to connect, belong, and become their best and most confident selves; the birth of The Confident Woman Podcast.

Once again, not sure how to start, where to begin, what to do, but I just “knew” I had to create it, and I wasn’t meant to do this one alone. Huge Thank you to my co-host, Erin Klein, for saying “Yes”!

Now, this is where it gets good!

None of these “things” I’ve created were by accident. None of them were by force. None of them were from me.

Everything was created to, for, and by God. His plan. His purpose. His time.

It was my job to be obedient and be led by faith.

You don’t need to “know it all” or have it all figured out. You just have to be willing to say “Yes,” and the right people, places, paths, opportunities, and doors will open up.

This weekend, I got to share (His) works with women throughout our community and nationwide. I got to share my creations at the Empowered Voice conference and connect with some amazing women in the industry sharing my story, brand, and mission. And, The Confident Woman Podcast partnered with MAC Cosmetics had its first Confidence and Beauty event. The women and community are unreal. We all showed up, took off our masks, connected, shared stories, and left The Confident Beauty Master Class with a new statement, “I am…The Confident Woman.”

Seeing your visions and creations come full circle is pretty freaking amazing!

Next time, something feels like it’s not going to plan, have faith and confidence, and let it go. Every day is a “struggle,” and every day I “fail,” but every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen my faith. For that, I’ve grateful for it all.