E05 – 5: How to Set Boundaries to Respect Yourself


In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss how to set boundaries to respect yourself and others. Rachel has no problem talking to anybody, but she needs to respect herself and know she cannot always afford to have a forty-five-minute conversation. The people that are closest to us are the ones that tend to test our boundaries the most. For example, Erin’s mom was not supportive of a business she was involved with. Erin had to tell her that they did not need to talk about it any further even though she thinks highly of her mother. Consistency is vital with boundary setting. Understand that it may cause conflict at first, but ultimately, clear communication, respect, and appreciation will occur. Also, consider who you are spending your time with. People change and relationships will dwindle, how far are you willing to hold yourself back to maintain those relationships? Either your friends will catch up, or they will fall off. 

Enjoy the show!


  • [02:20] How far are you willing to let yourself go at the expense of others?
  • [05:30] Be consistent with your boundary setting
  • [09:20] Who are you willing to spend your time with? 
  • [12:15] Force yourself to spend time with people who make you uncomfortable
  • [15:00] Differentiating between what you want to hear and the cold hard truth


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  • “I didn’t have a clear and loving boundary set for myself.” -Rachel
  • “The people that are closest to us are the ones that test our boundaries the most.” -Erin
  • “As you grow, you’ll outgrow.” -Rachel
  • “Sometimes, you grow out of relationships.” -Erin