E04 – 4: The Dirty “C” Word. And It’s Not What You Think


In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss the “C” word?! 

Comparison literally sucks the joy out of you. Previously, Rachel and Erin explained how toxic it can be to compare your life to the lives of others on social media; however, comparison can still rear its ugly head in real life too! Erin points out that our joy should not be found by being better than those around us, our happiness should be found by being the best possible version of ourselves. Rachel and Erin have completely different strengths, but they both bring a lot to the table and strive off of each other. Understanding what you may not be the best at is the first step in a successful collaboration. Use other people’s strengths to help you both move forward toward a common goal. Later, we learn how to ask for help and why we need to be supporting each other. 

Enjoy the show!


• [02:20] Our joy should not be found in being better than others

• [04:00] Using others for inspiration rather than copying their content

• [05:30] Comparison versus collaboration 

• [10:55] Ask yourself how you can support others 

• [13:10] Competition can be healthy 


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• “Comparison stunts us from what we are actually able to do with our lives.” -Rachel

• “I need to compare myself to who I was before and where I want to go.” -Erin

• “We have to collaborate because we are not going to be the best at everything.” -Rachel

• “Competition pushes you to be better.” -Erin