Episode 242: So Long as It’s Wild: Standing Strong After My Famous Walk Across America with Barbara Jo Jenkins

In this episode, Rachel is joined by Barbara Jo Jenkins, best-selling author, national speaker, and a woman of incredible resilience. Barbara, widely known for her 3,000-mile walk across America, has translated her extraordinary journey into her riveting book ‘So Long As It’s Wild.’ Barbara shares her story of her famous walk and how it impacted her life, leading her to stand strong even amidst challenges. Her powerful narratives have influenced and inspired people nationwide, earning her book a place in the permanent White House Library. 

Join in on an open and moving conversation as they discuss: 

  • Barbara’s life, the transformative adventure across America
  • Her evolution as a best-selling author and her voice of wisdom acquired over the years
  • Exploring Barbara’s transformative journey as depicted in ‘So Long As It’s Wild’ 
  • Understanding the power of narratives and storytelling in shaping culture and personal growth 
  • Life insights garnered from Barbara’s diverse roles in life

Ready for an episode filled with adventure, resilience, and inspiration? 

Tune in, and let’s embark on your wild journey today!