Episode 233: Empowering Women to Build Impactful Businesses with Confidence with Amy Traugh

Join Rachel and Amy Traugh, founder of The Moms on a Mission Community and host of The Motivated Mompreneur Podcast, as they discuss the journey of entrepreneurship, starting and rebuilding businesses, the power of community and collaboration, and the role of The Confident Woman Impact Accelerator in boosting confidence and creating a vision for a life you love.

Learn from Amy as she shares her experience of coaching over 45k individuals and building two businesses from the ground up while raising two children and thriving in business and life.

In this episode, Rachel and Amy discuss:

  • Creating something from nothing: The journey of entrepreneurship
  • Aligning our missions and visions to create an impact in our lives
  • The power of collaboration and sharing strengths over competition
  • The role The Confident Woman Impact Accelerator plays in letting go of limiting beliefs and rebuilding confidence
  • Creating a vision for a life you love
  • … and much more!

Tune in to gain insights and strategies for building impactful businesses and empowering women, and discover how The Confident Woman Impact Accelerator program can help boost your confidence, redefine your path, and achieve your goals.

Connect with Amy:

Website: https://themomsonamission.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/amytraugh

Podcast: The Motivated Mompreneur Podcast https://themomsonamission.com/podcast

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