Episode 227: Running in Slippers: Unlocking Genuine Connection Through Vulnerability with Angie Hawkins

Join Rachel in this week’s episode of The Confident Woman Podcast as she sits down with Angie Hawkins, author and storyteller of “Running in Slippers.”

Angie’s captivating memoir takes readers through a rollercoaster journey of raw vulnerability as she shares her experiences in the aftermath of a failed relationship and the loss of her father. In this episode, Rachel and Angie dive into the profound message of dropping social masks and embracing vulnerability to unlock genuine connections.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Angie’s personal journey of navigating despair, failed relationships, and loss
  • The transformative power of embracing vulnerability for genuine connection in our lives
  • How running in slippers became a powerful metaphor for breaking free from limitations and inviting vulnerability into one’s life
  • The importance of rejecting social masks and social media facades
  • How to cultivate authentic relationships and truly connect with others

Tune in to discover how authenticity and realness can transform your relationships and help you forge connections that go beyond the surface.

Connect with Angie:

Website: www.runninginslippers.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angiehawkins808

Amazon: Running in Slippers Book

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