E95 – 95: Crowning Your Confidence with Megan Swanson


In today’s episode, Rachel and Erin sit down to chat with Megan Swanson. Megan is the current Miss Nebraska USA as well as the CEO and founder of Powerhouse Pageantry. She helps women to live their most authentic lives by equipping them to rewire toxic mindsets, grow in leadership and communication skills.

Megan talks about the struggles and lack of confidence she felt before entering the pageant world as well as the empowerment she felt after competing. She also shares how for her and her client’s pageantry is about so much more than winning, it’s about the long-term effects it can have.

Lastly, she talks about what it’s like to reign during a pandemic, to be present in your current situation, and that it’s the culmination of little actions that create big things.

P.S. She shares her favorite way to remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished!

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  • “People love to pick at things that stand out.” – Megan
  • “One of the greatest things we can learn as leaders is how to adapt and overcome.” – Megan
  • “When crap hits the fan you figure out who the heck you are.” – Megan
  • “There’s so much success on the other side of a little confidence.” – Megan