E93 – 93: Less Stress This Time of Year


Raise your hand if this year has been stressful? Maybe you need to raise both hands! But today, Erin and Rachel are talking about how you can reduce your stress not only this holiday season but all year long!

Erin and Rachel talk more about:

  • The #1 thing that should be a priority this holiday season
  • The girls’ favorite ways to reduce their stress
  • Why you shouldn’t sweat the small things
  • Different ways to take self care during the holidays
  • Giving yourself permission to try new things
  • Why communicating your needs is so important
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “I think it’s realizing what’s important and what’s not.” – Erin
  • “Don’t make the small things big things!” – Erin
  • “You need your time.” – Rachel
  • “Have that time do those things that are just fun and that you enjoy.” – Erin
  • “Make sure you have time for YOU!” – Rachel