E88 – 88: The Sober Curious Movement with Morgan Haman


Ever feel like maybe you’re drinking more than you’d like? Or maybe you’re tired of the way it makes you feel afterwards? Today’s guest, Morgan Haman, joins Erin and Rachel to chat about the sober curious movement and how taking time away from drinking can be the best thing for you!

The girls talk more about:

  • The decision that led Morgan to take a break from drinking
  • What is impacted when you have even 1 drink (it’s not just a hangover)
  • The physical, mental and emotional changes that occur when you aren’t drinking
  • How alcohol has become both glamorized and normalized and the problems this creates
  • The ways sobriety changes your relationship with yourself and alcohol
  • What is ultimately behind everything you do, including to drink or not
  • Different things you can say to people who get defensive about their drinking own
  • The unhealthy habits people might have developed during quarantine
  • And so much more!


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  • “Alcohol is 1 or 2 like #1 or #2 of the most addictive substances period.” – Morgan
  • ”Anyone has the opportunity to be an addict to alcohol.” – Morgan
  • “It changes your relationship with self and the need to depend upon something else.” – Rachel
  • “Sometimes you have to make hard choices to get the result you want.” – Morgan