E79 – 79: The Right Way to Ask For Help


Have you felt like you’ve been drowning in all the things you need to do? Could someone help you with some of these tasks? Today, Erin and Rachel are chatting about knowing when it’s the right time to ask for help and how to find the right people for it!

The girls discuss:

  • Recognizing what is preventing you from asking for help
  • The smart way to ask for help (small steps)
  • Why asking for help is the gateway to success
  • How to find the right person to help you
  • The resourcefulness that is required to outsource successfully
  • Questions you need to ask yourself to see how you can outsource
  • The one thing that we all have
  • Who is willing to help you (and it might just surprise you!)
  • Vocalizing what you want exactly
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast


  • “Everything starts with you.” – Rachel
  • “You’re not too fearful to take another step if it’s just something small and minor.” – Erin
  • “I think there’s something to be said about the pride that you have in yourself when you are resourceful enough to figure that problem out.” – Erin
  • “We’re givers. We want to contribute.” – Rachel