E78 – 78: Rejection to Redemption: The Road to Self-Love with Kelly Chase


What’s on the other side of fear and rejection? Kelly Chase joins the girls to talk about just that. She shares how you can go from a place of rejection to a place of love and worth. Oh, and she lets Erin and Rachel in on how her experience on the hit Netflix show Love Is Blind!

You’ll hear more about:

  • The pivotal moment that began Kelly’s personal development journey
  • One important thing she makes time for every single day
  • What events led her to mindset and empowerment coaching
  • The power you have in sharing your vulnerability
  • How you can bring awareness to the emotions your feeling
  • Why having support in your life and business is key to success
  • Books that have helped transform her life (and can transform yours too!)
  • How Love Is Blind has affected Kelly’s life
  • Why you need to celebrate everything, including the small things
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • Every single person who asked me what I was eating, no one asked me how much I was eating.” – Kelly
  • “I find that time. I make that time.” – Kelly
  • “How we do one thing is legit how we do everything.” – Kelly
  • “It’s crazy how we tie our value and our self worth to external things.” – Rachel
  • “You have to create space for yourself.” – Rachel