E72 – 72: Creating a Virtual Empire with Laura Licursi


Do you want more freedom and flexibility? Have you ever considered that starting your own online business might be the way to achieving those things? Well today Laura Licursi joins the girls to chat about how she became a virtual assistant, what she does now to help other virtual assistants and how you can build your own online business right now!

You’ll hear more about:

  • Laura’s best advice for getting started in the online world
  • What can happen when you get information from multiple sources
  • The first place to look when starting your own business
  • Fundamental steps you must take in order to be successful without the overwhelm
  • One big issue Laura sees people struggling with when trying to run an online business
  • Some of the top reasons why you may want to start your own business
  • What you ultimately want when breaking away from the corporate world
  • The flexibility your own business can give you
  • Laura’s thought on if everyone can be an entrepreneurship
  • Why you need to always be networking in your business (and it’s not why you think!)
  • And so much more!

Laura Licursi is the founder of Elite Virtual Assistants, The Elite VA Hub, The VA School & EVA-Match. EVA is a virtual staffing agency that helps attorneys, busy professionals and small business owners go from busy to productive.

Laura also supports women in the virtual assistant space with The Elite VA Hub which is a free community and resource center, The VA School which is an online course teaching women how to start their own VA business from the ground up, and Elite VA Match which is a virtual assistant match-making site. Virtual assistants can promote their business & potential clients can find that perfect VA.

Laura’s Resources:

Websites: elitevirtualassist.comelitevahub.comelitevamatch.com,

Social Media: twitter.com/evassistfacebook.com/elitevirtualassistlinkedin.com/in/lauralicursi/instagram.com/elite_assist/pinterest.com/evassisthttps://www.facebook.com/groups/elitevahub


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  • “I was just really ready to kind of up it and become a real business owner.” – Laura
  • “You don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink.” – Laura
  • “When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.” – Laura
  • “You always want to be doing something to keep you and your business moving forward.” – Laura