E69 – 69: The Dark Side of Time Challenges


30 pounds in 30 days. Lose 2 inches in 7 days. Have you ever bought into statements like these? Well, on today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are giving their take on the time challenges you see online and what you should do when you see one!

The girls talk about:

  • What you have to be as the consumer
  • The marketing tactics behind these challenges
  • What you rely on to determine if what you’re doing is working
  • The one big thing that NOT stick when doing time challenges
  • How to know if a certain diet is wrong for you
  • The two things you need to find in your health and fitness journey
  • What you are doing to yourself when you actually eat the foods you enjoy
  • The right marketing strategy that will set you up for real success
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “ Anything worth anything takes time.” -Erin
  • “There are so many ways today that makes healthy food taste really damn good.” -Erin
  • “I’ve definitely bought into programs and products that I did lose weight with, but they weren’t things I was going to be able to do my whole life.” -Erin
  • “It’s never about the weight.” -Rachel
  • “We can’t quick fix or shortcut anything that isn’t in a healthy and sustainable way.” -Rachel