E66 – 66: Learning to Do and Be Better


Our world has changed in the last couple of weeks. The murder of George Floyd has changed the world. Conversations and dialogues are now happening. And today, Erin and Rachel, as two white girls, are sharing their thoughts and feelings on what we can do to be more inclusive and be better people.

The girls discuss:

  • How the dialogue is starting to change
  • Why the verbiage some people use can cause defensiveness in others
  • Why you shouldn’t take it as a personal attack (and what you should do instead)
  • The initial reaction both girls had to learn they had white privilege
  • What white privilege should really mean as a white person
  • The steps you should be taking to understand and have empathy for other people’s situation
  • Being aware of your own actions and beliefs
  • What feeling has existed as long as people have been on Earth
  • What happens when you start labeling people
  • Recognizing where your beliefs come from
  • Stepping into discomfort is what will make you a better person
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

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  • “Unlearning some of the actions and beliefs we had just kind of mindlessly absorbed as sponges throughout our whole cultural upbringing.” – Rachel
  • “I can be aware of my own actions and how to become a better human being.” – Rachel
  • “We just kind of operate on this autopilot until somebody throws a speed bump in the road.” – Rachel
  • “I don’t think people respond to being defensive. There’s no growth in that.” – Erin
  • “I think as humans, we think we have to put things in a box to be able to label them.” – Erin