E59 – 59: Why NOW Is The Right Time To Start A Minimalistic Lifestyle with Marta Greca


Today Erin and Rachel are joined by special guest Marta Greca. Marta has created multiple businesses from the ground up with her 5 kids in tow. Her signature Minimalist Method to Maximum Momentum through Mindset and Media with peace and positivity so that they can also find the balance between family and scaling a business they love and are eager to wake up for while being mentally and physically present for their loved ones. She also serves as a media and marketing consultant for corporations nationally and uses that experience to bring that expertise to her coaching and small business media clients.

Marta shares her journey of the road to entrepreneurship and the overwhelm and hustle she initially felt and how she learned to prioritize what was important in her life. Once she prioritized everything in her life, she was able to see her businesses really take off. Marta also had more happiness and peace in her life because she prioritized and simplified to maintain a balance between business and home life.

Lastly, she shares how saying yes too quickly can cause you undue stress and what you should be doing instead. Marta also says that having the right support in your business (i.e coach) can bring the clarity you need to grow and succeed.

Here are some highlights:

  • The biggest lesson she learned that allowed her to grow her business and focus on her zone of genius
  • What letting go of others’ opinions can do for your self-trust
  • The hidden blessing of living in her parent’s basement with 5 kids for three years!
  • The #1 thing you can do to absorb the minimalist method
  • How saying NO actually led Marta to new and exciting opportunities
  • The unloading all of the girls do on their husbands that you can probably relate to
  • And so much more

Let’s take a listen!






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  • “We really need to lean on our support and our team and ask for help.” -Rachel
  • “We get things done in the hours we allocate for it.” -Marta
  • “It is the amount of energy that you are cluttering yourself with by saying yes to things too quickly.” – Marta
  • “Once you start to let some things trickle in, everything trickles in.” -Marta