E58 – 58: Decluttering Your Life: Less Is More


Are your closets jam-packed full of clothes that you don’t even wear? Do you have so many apps on your phone that you have to delete some just to have storage on your phone? On today’s episode Erin and Rachel break down how having less can actually be more and easy ways to declutter your life.

Erin and Rachel tackle different aspects of what the clutter may look like in your life. They recognize it can be everything from clothes and appliances all the way to apps on your phone. The girls also take a good look at the role social media can play in your need to have more and the emotions that you may be feeling in these situations.

Finally, they share a few good tips to know if what you are spending your time, money or energy on is worth it!

The girls chat about:

  • The headspace you may have when clutter is around you
  • The financial burden social media can have on you
  • Recognizing where your time, money and energy are going
  • How decluttering can bring a sense of awareness to your habits
  • What you are ultimately trying to get by doing or buying all the things
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “How does it get to a point where we have so much stuff that we forgot about the stuff we had?” -Erin
  • “By being privy to that knowledge also clouded my mind with such negative thoughts.” -Rachel
  • “By buying and collecting and doing more, we’re actually doing a whole lot less of what we’re really after.” -Rachel
  • “Quit spending your time, money and energy on things that bring you no joy at all just because it feels good in the moment.” -Erin