E57 – 57: Business, Babies And Life Postpartum With Chelsea Skaggs


Did you think your life after having a baby would look like all of those perfect Pinterest and Instagram images you’ve seen? Only to be hit with the reality that motherhood is hard and typically far from those images. If you can relate, then this episode is for you! Join Rachel and Erin as they sit down with Chelsea Skaggs to chat all about life after baby, how business and babies are similar and how this advice can apply to you even if you don’t have kids!

The girls discuss:

  • The huge role hormones play postpartum
  • How to use your personality type (i.e. Enneagram, MyersBriggs) to find a solution balance to your situation
  • Comparing your mothering skills to that of your own mother (and why your comparison might be skewed)
  • What you need to prioritize when trying to get your body “back” after baby
  • The effects social media can have on moms, especially new ones
  • ONE emotion that business and babies have in common
  • And so much more!

Chelsea is a Postpartum advocate and coach committed to helping women release the pressure of being “Pinterest perfect” to understand and enjoy authentic postpartum and motherhood.

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “I have to stick to what is 100% me.” -Chelsea
  • “I think with babies and business the #1 thing women tend to feel is alone.” -Chelsea
  • “Babies and business are so similar.” -Chelsea
  • “What you believe, your child will model that in the long run.” – Rachel