E56 – 56: Creating Clarity, Consistency and Confidence with Gina Molinari


Have the current times given you more time to think about what you need to do be doing in your business for long-term success? Or do you think that you have been struggling due to inconsistency or lack of drive? If you are nodding your head yes, then this episode is for you! On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are joined by Confident Communication Coach Gina Molinari. Gina shares her best advice on what you can be doing right NOW to achieve all 3 C’s!

The girls’ discuss:

  • Gina’s journey to becoming a Confidence Communication Coach
  • The surprising barrier that can hold you back in business and life
  • How to answer the question your audience is silently asking
  • The most common issue Gina has encountered when working with new entrepreneurs… and it may be happening to you!
  • Gina’s strategy for planning your long term business success given the current situation
  • Best practices for your marketing strategy on social media
  • How practicing consistency can build your confidence
  • Gina’s best tips for gaining clarity during our current situation
  • And so much more!

Gina Molinari, affectionately known as Gina Mo, is a Confident Communication Coach. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs get clear and confident as the face of their business so they can create momentum, results, and impact with their work. She utilizes her experience as a classically-trained singer and her extensive knowledge in digital marketing and emotional intelligence to focus on a combination of mindset and strategy that will unlock blocks and fears in her clients on their road to success.

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “If you want the right answer, ask the right question.” -Rachel
  • “To be a one-trick pony is monotonous” -Gina
  • “Go hard in your yard!” – Gina
  • “Consistency, Clarity and Confidence equals results. And if the results aren’t showing up, check your math.” – Gina