E53 – 53: Finding Your Focus with Anna Bitters


We have a special guest on today’s episode! Anna Bitters joins the girls to discuss entrepreneurship and her business coaching.

Anna is a creative business coach who helps innovative entrepreneurs grow their businesses with focus and clarity. Her unique experience as a designer, educator, connector, and technologist allows Anna to help her clients reach their business growth goals utilizing a dynamic approach with laser focus. She helps them end the cycle of overwhelm and inaction and discover the steps needed to grow their businesses efficiently and sustainably.

The episode is kicked off with Anna telling Erin and Rachel all about her business coaching. She shares how she gets her clients laser focused, connecting them to their why and getting them to the next level. She also gives insight into what she considers to be the sweet spot of time for coaching.

Anna also shares the path that led her from feeling burnt out, struggling to find a job that fit what she wanted to do, to creating her own coaching business. She also talks about how she has developed the skills and techniques needed to teach her clients effectively.

Finally, Anna gives her thoughts on how important time is in our lives. She talks about the importance of using our time wisely and how to see where all of our time is going.

Other highlights:

  • How motherhood has shifted her priorities
  • Who her ideal client is
  • Anna’s thoughts on entrepreneurial vacations and who should take them
  • Having a system for creative ideas
  • The power one of Anna’s focus sessions can have on your business

Let’s take a listen!

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  • “We’re really strict about our budget, with money but give away our time so freely.” -Anna
  • “Let your distraction flag fly.” -Anna
  • “I knew if I could convert me, then I could convert clients who are in the same struggling position.” – Anna
  • “There was no job description out there that captured what I wanted to give back.” -Anna