E52 – 52: JLo and Shakira: Was It Too Much?


In today’s episode, Rachel and Erin are tackling the Super Bowl halftime show. They share their thoughts on the performance itself, why there was so much controversy around it, and how to move on from it!

The girls kick it off by sharing how they personally thought it was a great performance, but just that… a performance. They see the outfits that JLo and Shakira wore more like uniforms than anything else. They are not outfits they wear every day. And by criticizing their outfits and dance moves, we are shaming and disempowering other women.

When this happens, we need to take a look at ourselves and figure out what it is triggering in us. That way we can move past it. We also need to realize that sometimes things are not always going to appease everyone. And if we don’t like what we are seeing or hearing, then we need to remove ourselves from the situation.

Finally, the girls say how we need to empower ourselves first, and then we can empower others!

Other highlights:

  • The one halftime show Erin was moved by
  • The power and validation we give others
  • Why we let situations affect us

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “It ultimately comes down to choice.” -Rachel
  • “Do our actions align with our beliefs?” -Rachel
  • Why are you giving it so much power and validation?
  • “Think for yourself.” -Erin