E51 – 51: Empowering Your Life with Carmen Ohling


On today’s episode Erin and Rachel sit down with special guest, Carmen Ohling. Carmen is a self-proclaimed food nerd, self-awareness seeker, lover of vegetables- including bloody marys- and fitness enthusiast. She is also a mother, wife, friend, holistic nutritionist and someone who wants women to have it all, knowing they can have it all, and living life on their terms.

Carmen shares her story on how knowing something was wrong and breaking down in her car led her to becoming a holistic nutritionist and helping women become their most confident selves. She discusses how being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis was really a blessing in disguise and what she has done to keep herself healthy and energized.

She also chats with the girls about women empowerment. Carmen believes that women need to protect their energy, feel their feelings in order to build confidence and that there is power in slowing down.

Carmen also touches on:

  • Morning rituals
  • Letting go to create space for more
  • Learning how to dream again
  • The expectations we place on ourselves

Let’s take a listen!




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  • “It is going to give you the same lesson over and over and over again until you actually learn it.”   -Carmen
  • “I focus on what matters most to me and say yes to those things.” -Carmen
  • “You’re never going to bring anything new in because you have to let go of the old.” -Carmen
  • “Feel, deal, heal.” – Carmen
  • “The rule of thumb is listen more than you speak.” -Carmen