E35 – 35: Health From The Inside Out With Maddy Hawthorn


In this episode, Erin and Rachel talk with special guest Maddy Hawthorn. Maddy Hawthorn is the owner and head coach of Mad Fit. Mad Fit is an online coaching platform to help women reach their fitness and health goals and gain confidence from the inside out. Maddy wanted to help change the lives of other women after she lost over 30 lbs. She fell in love with fitness and had a vision to empower others to become stronger, fitter versions of themselves, and now Maddy works one on one with men and women, helping them lead healthier lives through customized nutrition and fitness plans

Maddy lets the girls in on her personal journey from an overweight, depressed college student to inspiring online fitness coach. She shares how she was able to get to a positive place internally and knew she wanted the outside to match. So she got herself a fitness coach and it helped lead her to where she is now.

Erin, Rachel and Maddy talk about how many struggle with being on the hamster wheel of dieting. People want to try this new fad diet or a quick fix for their weight, but they are missing the point when it comes to diet and exercise. It is about finding something that works for you and your life. And when you can find that, your overall health will improve.

They also dive into the habits necessary to build a balanced life. Maddy says she starts most of her clients off with learning how to build a balanced meal and understanding food labels. This is to get an understanding of what is really going into the body.

Another big topic that the girls discuss is mindset. They all agree that mindset works plays a huge role in getting healthy both physically and mentally. Rachel says that self awareness of our actions can really help us understand our reasoning behind why we do what we do.

Finally, Maddy gives her top takeaways when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight!

Let’s take a listen!

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  • “You’re worthy of support.” -Maddy
  • “If you want the piece of chocolate, it eats!” -Rachel
  • “Confidence comes from the inside outward.” -Maddy
  • “We try to slap bandaids on the external problems.” -Rachel
  • “The key to getting over that yo-yo cycle is finding what works for you.” -Maddy