E32 – 32: Are You Self-Sabotaging?


Do you ever feel like you are sabotaging yourself from reaching your goals? Or that you place the blame for not achieving things on your personality? If so, then this episode is for you!

Erin and Rachel discuss why they think most people self-sabotage. They believe that most people allow it to happen because they are in the moment or it’s what their internal thermostat will allow.

Erin also talks about how she believes people will use their personality (i.e. Ennegram, Meyer-Briggs) to justify why and how they sabotage themselves. Where instead we should be asking ourselves why we do what we do. If we understand our weaknesses then we know how to improve upon them.

The girls agree that sometimes having time freedom can actually be more harm than good. It can make us less productive because we don’t have the push to get things done. Having good time management is crucial to achieving goals.

Erin and Rachel say overall we need to look at what we need to reach our goals and to have awareness in order to achieve them!

Let’s dive in!


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