E31 – 31: Health, Hormones & Menstrual Cycles with Lindsay Seitter


In this episode, Erin and Rachel with special guest Lindsey Seitter, a nurse practitioner, discuss healthy lifestyles and menstrual cycles. Lindsey talks about her trip that changed her perspective about motherhood. Let’s listen as Lindsey tells her story when she decided to completely surrender to God and the events that lead her to help other women fulfill their desire to become a mother. They discuss tips, tricks and misconceptions on regulating your menstrual cycles.

The girls also talk about the times when they didn’t have their period at some point in their lives and how to optimize your body to help you get pregnant. Your period is more important than you think, and losing it indicates something more than meets the eye.

And finally the girls talk about taking some time for yourself everyday to help you lower your stress levels and maintain a good amount of your hormones.

Here are some highlights:

  • Tops reasons your hormones is out of whack
  • Lindsey calling
  • Surrendering yourself completely
  • How to test your hormones
  • Take some time off for yourself at the beginning of the day

Let’s take a listen!

Lindsay Seitter Resources & References:

Website: http://www.LindsaySeitter.com

Instagram: Lindsayseitter2

Facebook Page: Get Pregnant Naturally

Here is the link to ZRT laboratories for the hormone trio testing:


Click on patients. Then on the bottom of the page, click order tests. Go to saliva testing. The hormone trio is the first kit to order. (I tried sending the exact link but my computer is being stubborn)

Trio kit tests: Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone  ($125)

Spit on day 20 of your cycle, first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth. Store in the freezer if you spit over the weekend, and take to UPS store to ship at the beginning of the week.

If you want to include this link to order labs you can, but if it is too confusing you can leave it out. This is a site I use for clients to order their own labs. It includes everything important I like to evaluate for overall health.

Optimal Health Panel: (includes thyroid)


For just the Thyroid Panel:


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  • “ Whatever you are going through. Have joy in that because there is always something to learn.” Lindsey
  • “Women respond to different birth control pills differently” Lindsey
  • “Overall we are so bombarded with distractions all throughout our day that we tune out what we need.” Rachel