E28 – 28: Finding Friends is Like Dating


In this episode, Erin and Rachel discuss how finding friends as an adult is kind of like dating. It is hard to find friends as a woman today. They talk about the ease of making friends as kids, but even when going to college it started to become harder to find friends. Erin went knocking on other dorm rooms to see if anyone wanted to hang out and Rachel actually pledged a sorority at a different school because of a friend. The girls realize that everyone is looking for support and someone they can relate to and connect too. And that a lot of times our friends come from our work, through other friends or by default. They are not genuine, deep connections.

Rachel also talks about trying to make friends by looking at how she can serve the other person versus what is in it for her. Erin agrees that adding value to the other person is necessary, but that you may not be the right fit for everyone. They discuss how some friendships can run their course and you don’t have to stay friends with that person. If the friendship is no longer serving you or the other person then it’s time to let go of it with no hard feelings.

And finally, the girls talk about some good places to meet other like-minded women who are also looking for friendship.

Here are some highlights:

  • Finding friends is hard as an adult
  • Serving the other person vs. what is in it for me
  • Add value to the other person but not for everyone
  • Finding friends is like dating and actually jiving with the other person
  • You don’t have to stay friends
  • Where to find and meet friends

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “ We want to find people that we can relate and connect with.” Rachel
  • “Sometimes you’re making friends by default, by commonality instead of a deeper connection.” Erin
  • “I’m looking at it from a serving standpoint versus what’s in it for me.” Rachel
  • “You’re not going to connect with every single person.” Erin