E26 – 26: What Does Perfection Even Mean?


In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about Perfection. Chasing perfection can happen to any of us. It can happen to us at any stage of our lives, even from a young age. We are constantly bombarded with what life is “suppose” to look and feel like. But we need to ask ourselves, is this truly what we want and desire?

Instead of trying to achieve perfection, we need to be realistic and give it our best. By doing this, we can set realistic expectations and results from what we are doing. And when we are being realistic, we can be vulnerable and connect with others.

One of the most powerful things we can do to stop the chase for perfection is to let go. This will allow us to truly discover what makes us happy and how to attract it into our lives!

Here are some highlights:

  • The chase for perfection and what leads us down the rabbit hole of perfection
  • How many people aim for perfection because they fear failure
  • How perfection sucks and is boring!
  • The strive for perfection can actually hinder us from achieving the goals and dreams we have
  • Reevaluating our wants and priorities and discovering what we truly want and desire

Enjoy the show!


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  • “Once you take off the mask of perfection, you start to see things with a whole new lens.” Rachel
  • “Perfect sucks!” Erin
  • “Take the shot.” Erin
  • “The antidote of perfection is letting go.” Rachel