E256: Breaking Through Fear with Rachel Brooks & Jackie Kannier

In this episode, Rachel had the privilege of being invited as a guest speaker for the Breakthrough Fear Summit, where she was interviewed by the incredible Jackie Kannier. Together, they discussed personal development, overcoming fear, and the power of self-love. They also talked about the significance of community in fostering growth and the importance of habits and mindfulness in maintaining mental and emotional health. Our goal for this episode is to empower you to leverage fear to fuel your progress and understand how self-acceptance can lead to true freedom.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery together.


  • Importance of self-discovery: It’s crucial to know oneself and understand personal vision to nurture self-confidence and combat fear.
  • Power of consistency: Building habits significantly contributes to developing self-confidence and managing fear.
  • Community Impact: Being part of a supportive community can boost individual confidence and help achieve personal goals.
  • Overcoming Fear: Fear should be confronted and used as fuel to push forward rather than acting as a deterrent.
  • Establishing Freedom: Freedom is linked to emotional and mental well-being, which comes from knowing and accepting oneself fully.
  • … and more!

If you’re looking for inspiration, hope, and encouragement, this episode is a must-listen.

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