E249: Empowered Thoughts: Unleash Your Inner Confidence with Amy Ballantyne (TEDx Speaker & Confidence Coach)E249:

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and step into your most confident self? In this episode, Rachel is joined by powerhouse Amy Ballantyne, TEDx speaker, executive life coach, and host of the “Power To The People Pleasers” podcast.

Get ready for a conversation that will explode your limiting beliefs and ignite your inner fire. Amy dives deep into the transformative power of our thinking, revealing how to master your mindset and unlock true confidence.

We’ll explore:

  • How to flip the script on negative thought patterns and cultivate empowering beliefs.
  • Why wellness is the secret sauce to a confident life (and how to prioritize it every single day).
  • Practical strategies to slay overwhelm, conquer stress, and reclaim your precious time.
  • Powerful tools to silence your inner critic and embrace your inherent worthiness.

Ready to rise above the overwhelm and unleash your inner confidence? Tune in to this powerful conversation and get ready to transform your life!

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