E24 – 24: How to Control What You Can’t Control.


In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about the things we can control versus the things we cannot control. Well, we can always control ourselves! We need to start controlling how we react and respond to situations. Things happen for us (not to us), and we can get through 100% of the things that are thrown at us. Choice is a powerful word; we have the decision on how to react. Another way to control situations is by reevaluating who we are spending our time with. Are these people making the situation worse, or are they helping look for the best solution? Focus on the solution instead of getting hung up on the problem. Also, it’s essential to think about what you can learn from a scenario. If the situation keeps happening over and over again, think about what you are not learning.

Enjoy the show!


  • [00:20] We can only control ourselves
  • [02:20] Responding positively to situations
  • [06:30] Consider who you are surrounding yourself with
  • [08:00] Think about what you are learning (or not learning)
  • [10:00] Our identities can always change
  • [14:30] What’s the silver lining?


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  • “Things don’t happen to us; they happen for us.” -Rachel
  • “We have a 100% track record of getting through everything that has ever happened to us.” -Erin
  • “Problems become so magnified because we are focusing on them.” -Rachel
  • “Think of one thing you can do to fix a situation.” -Erin