E23 – 23: Are You Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself?


Rachel and Erin are talking about their struggles with aging and the expectations that society often puts on women. They tell stories about how when they were growing up, they didn’t feel on par with their peers. Erin didn’t get married until later in life, and Rachel never got her white picket fence. We only see things in the perspective of the people we are around. In a small town, getting married at a young age may be completely normal. If you get out into the world, you’ll see that women are waiting to become established before creating a family. Sam Walton didn’t start Walmart until the age of 57. Many people think when you’re 50 that your life is over, but Sam Walton didn’t buy into that story and we don’t have to either. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, just do it.

Enjoy the show!


  • [01:40] Erin and Rachel didn’t stick with the status quo
  • [05:10] How traveling can open your eyes
  • [06:50] Why we need to stop comparing ourselves to others
  • [08:45] Now is the perfect time to start
  • [12:50] The social norms are already set for us


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  • “I don’t have a white picket fence; it’s not a one size fits all.” -Rachel
  • “I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else.” -Erin
  • “Do we want to follow the norm, or do we want to pave our own way?” -Rachel
  • “We all have different purposes.” -Erin