E22 – 22: Are Your Daily Habits Serving You?


In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about routines, affirmations, and habits. Erin admittedly does not have the best morning routine, but she’s working on that. There is so much media out there claiming that the key to success is our morning routine. Rachel realized it was more about her daily routine, habits, and behaviors. Erin is not much of a morning person, so at nighttime, she writes everything down that she needs to do the next day. This way, she won’t be thinking about it while trying to sleep. Then, the two talk about to-do lists; sometimes they can be very overwhelming. Rachel recommends permitting ourselves to get a few big things done instead of the massive lists we think we need to do. Later, the two talk about needing downtime, why we should listen to our thoughts, and how to quiet the noise.

Enjoy the show!


• [00:50] Is the key to success your morning routine?

• [03:40] Erin’s nightly routine

• [05:30] To-do lists can be so overwhelming

• [10:00] Take time to enjoy yourself

• [12:30] Learn to quiet the noise


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¨ “I give myself permission to accomplish 2-3 larger tasks instead of the 100 that need to be done.” -Rachel

¨ “Mornings are very slow-moving for me.” -Erin

¨ “Your soul knows what you’re supposed to do, so listen to it.” -Rachel

¨ “Look at the big picture.” -Erin