E21 – 21: How to Set Expectations for Yourself & Others.


In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss the expectations we place on ourselves, on others, and that others set on us. Rachel says we like to put expectations on people, places, and things. However, we have no power over things that are out of control like the weather and our friends. Rachel has learned to go into a situation from a place of openness with no expectations. Setting expectations for ourselves and how we will react in a scenario will have a positive impact on our day. Rachel points out that we need to have the courage to ask another person what happened instead of filling in the rest of the story in our heads. Then, Erin explains how to set realistic expectations for ourselves: they need to be achievable, and we need to accept what we can’t do. Tune in to hear why we need to embody self-love, and how to find yourself and your “why.”

Enjoy the show!


• [01:45] Expectations can be a good thing

• [04:00] Why we create stories in our minds

• [05:35] Setting realistic expectations for ourselves

• [07:40] Embodying self-love

• [10:30] How do you find yourself?


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Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action


¨ “Have an expectation for self; that was a huge game-changer for me.” -Rachel

¨ “We are never going to be enough if we give our power to other people.” -Erin

¨ “When we are looking externally for other people to accept us, we will never be enough.” -Rachel

¨ “We make things a bigger deal in our heads than they really are.” -Erin