E20 – 20: What Are You Looking For In a Relationship?


In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss their experience with dating and what we should be looking for in a relationship. Rachel is currently celebrating her tenth anniversary with her partner. Their relationship has not been perfect because there will always be ups and downs; two people can make things complicated. However, if you know your partner has the best intentions in mind, you can work on bringing your best self to the relationship. Erin points out many people think that if they are not happy, they should not be in the relationship; it’s bullshit! We are the only person who is going to make us happy, not our partners. Then, Erin explains how she and her partner went on a marriage retreat together to create expectations for their relationship, which was integral in preparing them for the future. Plus, Rachel and Erin reveal stories from their single life, how we can grow with our partners, and why we can get tunnel vision in a relationship.

Enjoy the show!


• [01:45] Rachel’s tenth anniversary

• [05:15] Embarking on a weekend marriage retreat

• [08:20] Stories from the single life

• [13:10] Find a partner that brings out the best in you

• [15:00] Tunnel vision in a relationship


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¨ “Take the time to gather your thoughts and cool down in an argument.” -Rachel

¨ “The dating world today is a little insane.” -Erin

¨ “We overlook all the negatives that our friends and families point out to us.” -Rachel

¨ “If you are out looking for the perfect person, you’re going to be single forever.” -Erin