E189 – 189: Find Joy with Food Again Through Intuitive Eating with Tammy Lantz

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and wish you looked different? Do you constantly stress over what to eat to the point that there’s no more joy in food? Tammy Lantz used to struggle with body confidence and food. Now, her vibration is joy and love and it is her passion to guide other women to love themselves, their food, and their life through her signature EAT method. Today, she shares with us her top tips and tricks that she uses with her clients and how you can use them too!

We discuss:

  • Tammy’s toxic relationship with her body and food and how this led her to become a dietician
  • How there are no good foods or bad foods (and what there actually is!)
  • What led Tammy to ditch the restrictive rules of diet culture and instead lean into her body’s intuitive wisdom
  • What intuitive eating is
  • Tammy’s “EAT” Method and how it helps her clients become more in tune with their body’s wisdom
  • Mastering your emotions to develop a stronger relationship with your body and food
  • And more!

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