E185 – Coping Skills and Faith for Gen Z with Amber Ginter


Gen Z is facing an unprecedented amount of mental health issues and stress, which public school teacher Amber Ginter sees in her classroom on a day to day basis. Today, Amber sits down with Rachel to discuss how Gen Z (and even you too!) can cope with mental health challenges by using the 6 dimensions!

We talk about:

  • Amber’s Godly mission serving kids as a public school teacher
  • Christianity not as a religion but as a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • How Amber approaches sharing her faith in a public school
  • Being confident in who you are, including your faith
  • Why Gen Z is more likely to face mental health issues than any other generation currently
  • What the six dimensions are and how they impact our mental health
  • Coping skills Amber teaches her students to deal with traumatic and toxic environments and relationships
  • And more!

Resources Mentioned:

Book: The Body Keeps the Score

Connect with Amber:

Amber’s Website



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