E181 – How to Show Up Confidently on Video and Build Your Personal Brand with Dana Bowling


Are you at a fork in the road where you have multiple passions and multiple business ideas and aren’t sure which direction to go in? Are you also wondering how to show up confidently on video via social media so you can build your personal brand and successful business? If so, this one is for you! Our guest, Dana Bowling, has helped women to grow their businesses on social media by branding themselves and showing up on video and today she’s letting you in on how you can do the same!

Rachel and Dana discuss:

  • Dana’s pivot from working as a casting agent for 15 years to now coaching female entrepreneurs
  • Knowing if you should do what you’re good at or what you’re passionate about
  • Picking one thing when you’ve got shiny object syndrome and want to try and learn all the things
  • How exactly does Dana show up on social media to convert followers and commenters to buying customers
  • Standing out in a saturated market
  • How do you choose which social media platform to commit to
  • Practical social media tips: Posting frequency? How to grow? How to repurpose content?
  • Understanding the Tik Tok vs. Instagram algorithms and how to leverage them for your business
  • And more!

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