E180 – Why Self Sabotaging is a Good Thing with Heather Chauvin


Be honest, are you always getting in your own way of achieving what you say you want to? Do you feel like you’re living out of alignment, unsure where you should focus your time and energy, and self-sabotaging right when things start to get good? Heather Chauvin is a Leadership Coach who helps successful women courageously and authentically live, work, and parent on their own terms.

Heather and Rachel discuss:

  • How a stage 4 cancer diagnosis revealed to Heather that she was literally “dying to be a good mother.”
  • Why you’re not getting to the goals you say you want to achieve
  • How to get better at diving into the unknown and taking risks
  • Moving past the mindset of “I can’t afford it.”
  • Loosening the grip on your need to control everything
  • Why self-sabotaging is a good thing
  • Ditching the need to show up a certain way on social media
  • And more!

Connect with Heather:


Podcast: Emotionally Uncomfortable

Book: Dying to Be a Good Mother


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