E18 – 18: Why Do We Self-Sabotage?


Rachel and Erin explain why you could be your own worst enemy in today’s episode. Sometimes we can get stuck, freeze, and shut down. Back in 2014, Erin worked her butt off; she never went on a vacation and strictly worked. However, Erin was at a higher level and made more money than she ever did before. Instead of using that momentum and continuing, she sabotaged herself. Her friends were always going out and drinking, so Erin went along for the ride. This was their happy place, and there was no motivation to keep going. Gradually, Erin knew she needed to find people who were going to lift her up instead. Rachel says she never has a set plan because she never knows what direction or what steps will apply to her until she tries it out. Check out this episode to find out what analysis paralysis is, how to notice the small wins, and why we sometimes rationalize our dreams away.

Enjoy the show!


• [01:45] Avoiding complacency  

• [05:15] Are the people you surround yourself with lifting you up?  

• [07:00] Analysis paralysis

• [10:15] Notice the small wins

• [12:00] Rationalizing why we don’t want our dreams


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¨ “We have a whole bunch of lies and beliefs we will tell ourselves.” -Rachel

¨ “The unknowns and uncertainty will always be scary and daunting.” -Erin

¨ “When you stay in your comfort zone, you become complacent.” -Rachel

¨ “Recognize the small successes along the way and notice how they make you feel.” -Erin