E178 – Let Your Light Shine with Tiffany Wynn


Have you ever been told you’re “too much”? Tiffany Wynn struggled with the limiting belief that she is “too much” and needs to “tone it down” since she was a young girl, which led her to play small in so many areas of her life. Finally, she began to recognize this limiting belief and re-write it to become the successful, confident mom, business coach, and mentor she is today. Now, she leads a team of 3,500 women and helps women around the world grow and scale their businesses with confidence and how you can do the same!

We discuss:

  • The story of how Tiffany developed the belief that she is “too much”
  • How to flip limiting beliefs around
  • Tiffany’s unique definition of confidence
  • Using gratitude as a business strategy
  • How “acting as if” can help grow your confidence
  • Other powerful mindset shifts for growing your confidence
  • And more!

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