E176 – Uncovering Your Transformation Story with Janelle Lynnae


Janelle Lynnae was trying to think of her “fitness transformation” story to post on her social media account as a budding online personal trainer when she realized..she didn’t have one, and that’s not where her TRUE transformation was.

When she dug deeper, she wrote her real story, bawling over a pen and paper for the first time ever. She’d never admitted to anyone, or even herself really, that she’d been suicidal for years and had overcome the limiting beliefs that led her to those dark thoughts.

Janelle shares her heart-wrenching, super relatable story with us, and we talk about how we all can dig to find our true transformation stories and overcome our limiting beliefs, so we can step into the most confident woman we’re meant to be.

We cover:

  • Janelle’s personal transformation story from suicidal to thriving
  • How Janelle maintained calm and composure while having technical issues during a presentation with her biggest corporate client
  • Breathwork practices for calming the fight or flight response
  • How Janelle helps her clients uncover their limiting beliefs and rewire their brains for confidence
  • Becoming aware of how we numb ourselves out to avoid dark thoughts
  • You don’t have to find ONE purpose and it’s always evolving

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