E172 – How to Thrive on Social Media with Shannon McKinstrie


If you’re a business owner these days, it’s likely that maintaining a social media presence has been a pain point. The algorithm, the trends, the constant comparison…some days you just want to throw in the towel and quit, right?

Our guest, Shannon McKinstrie, has been a social media manager since 2014. Through years of trial and error, working with clients, and on her own social media page, which has 48k+ followers at the time of this recording, she’s figured out what works and what doesn’t! And we love how above all, she encourages people to put their mental health first and do what works for them.

We discuss:

  • Shannon’s career journey from working for CNN to getting into social media for business when it was just starting out
  • Shannon’s personal content creation process that doesn’t leave her burnt out
  • What Shannon does when she doesn’t have time to make new content or doesn’t feel like it
  • Do you really have to make a reel a day to grow a following?
  • What REALLY works on Instagram? We need to bring back storytelling and original content.
  • If you’ve totally pivoted, do you need to start a new account?
  • And more!

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